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Foxconn jumped staff re: the suspect being chased illusion trap

Foxconn employee suicide incidents from happening again. Yesterday 4:30 Xu, Fuji Kang Longhua factory floor, VIP Guest House 6, a male employee opened the window, regardless of friends advised pull, jump as from the balcony.

Lu deceased new, 24-year-old, Hunan, August 1, 2009 entry Foxconn, Foxconn is a member of 2009 class of new dry. After the incident, immediately called event correlation Foxconn staff to inform the media. According to the research, and Lu at 51 before the holiday on the new show abnormal behavior, saying that often create the illusion of being hunted down, Foxconn special arrangements for this staff familiar comfort talk, and to contact family members arrived in Shenzhen to take care of, but all efforts ultimately failed to prevent the tragedy.

Friends reported to the competent abnormal, "he has been tracking that kill"

Longhua street in Bao'an District, site of the incident Foxconn factory in the region. Southern Metropolis Daily reporter went to the scene, the security line has been cleared, only a few pieces of woven cloth cover with not cleaning the blood.

Has red collar, Foxconn staff, new friends dead Lu, Lu committed suicide a few days before the new, are accompanied by a friend of his and other new comfort Lu, Lu He is one of the new jump off of the witnesses. Some had red collar might be able to simply restore the memories of what Lu committed suicide a few days before the new experience.

In the eyes have been red collar, Lu was a pleasant person, new, singing, dancing, travel everything like it, and the relationship between colleagues is also good, but for some unusual things that happened long ago, it is difficult to imagine LU Xin commit suicide. April 30, Lu found a new spirit of its very bad state, has been tracked in that there are people chasing him, "look very trance." Has red collar, said he reported the situation to the Foxconn director, Foxconn and another friend arranged for him to appease the new LU, I hope the spirit of a little bit better.

After a few days, that would like to return to Hunan Lu new home, but we have to buy a train ticket for him when he changed his mind not to go. May 3, for the outing, had red collar accompanied Lu New mangroves play, during a sudden stop of new mangrove Lu within the security guard, said they had been tracked to kill more.

Such a move also made frequent abnormalities had red collar doubt, ask the new Lu Lu, however, can not tell the reasons for the new beginning to the end, only said that before when excessive pressure rise, also have similar feelings. Just in case, have not always red collar around from the new Lu.

What was the family was rushed to Shenzhen, "he climbed over the window pull Abdulla not live"

At the same time, the counselor's suggestion, Foxconn new family linked to Lou, hope they can go to Shenzhen, to help alleviate the Lu of new unrest and abnormal behavior, but coincides with the 51 tickets tension, the new Lu The family bought the tickets on May 5, is expected to arrive shortly after 9 am yesterday in Shenzhen.

But yesterday 4:30 Xu, Lu make a new leap the yin and yang, the two have since separated, and even death do not mean to give the family four and a half hours of waiting time. Lu's mother and brother new to see only that a body already cold.

Yesterday afternoon, due to the new family sadness Lu difficult to control, can not accept the south have to be interviewed.

"He knew that to the family soon." Horng-Der Tsai Lu said the new director, to appease the new Lu, Foxconn special arrangements the day before yesterday a new hostel for Lu tarry, accompanied two friends to chat, 1:30 Xu, We started chatting tired to sleep.

However, after 3 hours, Lu said the new up and get some fresh air outside the room stuffy thought, "He opened the window looking out, suddenly climbed over the windows, we quickly pulled together." Has red collar, said Lu, however, the new cross to the balcony, immediately jump down, another friend and even pulled his arm was pulling away.



This time, we really do a

Suicide recurrence of events, especially nervous for Foxconn. It is reported that Terry Gou, president repeatedly call the factory, learn about the details. To this end, Terry Cheng, vice president of Foxconn to reach the factory to the press statement yesterday on behalf of Terry Gou, president and all the cadres of the dead silence.

"This time, we really doing his best." Said Terry Cheng, Lu emergence of new emotional before the abnormal performance of the departments of information through the Group has a notification system to give employees the greatest possible care system soothe the soul, including with its prior communication between family members, and supervisors assigned to their specific psychological intervention, however, regret or not to save his young life. Foxconn also said that unfortunately for the new Lu, the Group expressed sorrow and regret than outside, and will fully support their families deal with the aftermath.

Foxconn said that frequent staff jumping events have not only the enterprise's own problems, but had risen to social problems, Foxconn will continue and increase employee groups for spiritual care efforts; also hope that the Government, or more number of social institutions to the same business, schools and families together build an effective psychological intervention mechanisms to prevent similar incidents from happening again.


Department of suicide is under investigation

According to the police, jumped after the incident, 120 emergency personnel found that the injury is very serious when Lu new, but there are subtle signs of life, but when sent to Longhua People's Hospital, ultimately powerless.

Yesterday afternoon, Long Hua Yousong station Instructor Yao Yuegang have accepted an interview with the South, said staff from the site investigation and associated transcripts of view, the new Lu is a suicide death. Had red collars, and in accordance with the mangrove barrier security guard called for help in the details, the police also found the Tiananmen police station security guard on duty in the mangroves, confirmed the new Lu said he has been chasing an illusion to track the fact that security guard was also to persuade a little.

As Lu is because what causes a new illusion and eventually committed suicide, police said further investigation.


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